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Currently training a difficult puppy {and he’s on my last nerve}

Allow me to introduce you to our newest family addition – Baxter.


Look at that face. Isn’t he cute? He’s also quite the handful.

Matt and I bought him from a breeder about two months ago when he was just under four months old. We’d promised Haley that she could have a puppy as soon as we moved into our new house, and Matt’s cousin had bought one of his siblings so we decided to take a look at the litter. We fell in love with him the moment we saw him and that’s really all it took for him to become a part of our family.

But then we got him home and we immediately discovered that he is quite the handful.

We were told by the breeder that he was “house trained” but that wasn’t the truth because the moment he walked into the house, he began using the restroom everywhere. I’d walk him, he’d do his business, then he’d come into the house and immediately do it again. Haley’s room is his very favorite room to do his business in… every morning, like clockwork. I’ve tried everything that I can think of – walking him every 45-minutes, spending more time outside than is usually necessary so that I can make sure that he’s finished, walking him outside the moment he has an accident in the house so that he associates the outdoors with his “business.” Sometimes it’ll seem as if he’s getting the hang of things. He’ll go a few days or even a week without having one accident in the house, and then suddenly we’ll be back to square one. It’s as if he does it just for the heck of it.

He’s coming around in every other aspect. We’ve bought him chew toys so he’s stopped chewing up everything in his path, and he’s stopped squealing in his crate all night long as soon as he’s out of my sight. He’s doing perfectly well in those areas.

But the house training, oh God, the house training! I am about this close to wits-endsville. Seriously.

So please, if any of you have advice for me on this subject, it’s totally and completely welcome. I am looking for any ideas at all!

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4 thoughts on “Currently training a difficult puppy {and he’s on my last nerve}

  1. One of the things that works with our puppy is if we take her out and she doesn’t go she must go to her crate for a short period. Then we try taking her out again. If you’re not already I’d be treating and giving the puppy lots of praise ever time they go where you want them to (outside).


    1. I will definitely try the crate thing. I always praise him and then bring him inside for a treat when he goes. When he’s feeling particularly naughty, however, he has actually taken the treat, walked into the next room and then peed on the floor there. He’s unbelievably stubborn.


      1. Have you ever tried using a clicker? Then you can “mark” the good behavior as soon as it happens so they know this is what they did well and the reason they get a treat versus giving the pup a treat when you get inside. The puppy might just think “oh we go outside then we come inside and I get a treat.”


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