Currently: {vol. 2}

I know that I did the last one just the other day, but this link-up is meant to happen on Mondays. So.. here’s the second one, on a Monday, and they will continue to be posted on Mondays from here on out.


Thinking about: The wedding. Always, always the wedding! As I mentioned in my last “currently” post, we sent out the invitations a few days ago so now we’re just waiting *patiently* for the R.S.V.P. cards to come rolling in. I’m also working on the seating chart, picking out gifts for the bridal party, picking my dress up from the tailor’s, meeting with the minister and doing our reception tasting this week! There are lots and lots of things to do. I’m just hoping that it all goes on without a hitch.

Reading: “Someone Like You” by Sarah Dessen… still. My stack of books from the library has grown by two more as of this morning, and I’m still not finished with this book!

Listening to: “Cool Kids” by Echosmith. It’s a super catchy tune and it has been stuck in my head for days.

Watching: Still working on “Brothers & Sisters.” I’ve finally made it to season two, and that took about three weeks!

Thankful for: We’re finally getting Haley into her new school! Wemoved into our new house nearly two months ago and our county has been giving us the hardest time when it comes to getting Haley into her school. We’ve been dealing with lots of red tape and running around gathering a bunch of different forms. We finally have an appointment to get her signed up officially today. I’m so relieved!

Enjoying: Being able to spend more time at home with my little girl lately. I’m really, really enjoying it. I get so many things done, and our bonding times have been coming frequently rather than fewer and farther between as they used to. It’s amazing.

Loving: Our new home! I love having a place that I can call “ours.” I love being able to decorate and brainstorm about decorating. And I’m slightly OCD, so I’m in love with the fact that I can organize everything in sight. It’s so much fun.


Just a reminder: I’m linking up with A Mama Collective for this! Head over and join us!


8 thoughts on “Currently: {vol. 2}

  1. Hi, I found you through A Mama Collective. Haley is seriously sweet. I love that toothless grin stage. Glad you are getting settled in your new environment and that school is getting sorted. When is the wedding????


    1. Thank you so much for coming by to visit! I will be returning the favor.

      Haley is my pride and joy! She’s very self-conscious about that toothless smile, but I’m head over hills in love with it. 😉

      The wedding is October 11! So it’s coming up real fast!


  2. Thanks for stopping by! It’s nice to “meet” you. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and your new home! Those are both huge life events. 🙂 Can’t wait to explore some more.


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